Enjoy energy savings and optimum performance with a high-efficiency water heater. For over 90 years, we have been the top choice for water heaters in Victoria and surrounding areas. Whether you are in need of a tankless or electric water heater, Victoria Coal & Heating Ltd is the smart choice for you. We help you understand the pros and cons of various types of water heaters and decide the right product that best suits your household needs.

Cold showers are on the way. Rely on us for all your water heater installation, repair, and replacement needs. If your water heater is old or breaks down frequently, a complete unit replacement will prove to be a more cost-effective solution. We do everything to restore your water heater for long-lasting performance. We have the expertise to handle the following types of water heaters:

Tankless Gas-Fired Water Heaters

Tankless gas-fired water heaters are cost-effective over a long-term while eliminating the need to store 40-50 gallons of water. Most of the homeowners in Victoria prefer these units compared to the conventional storage tanks. With the continuous supply of hot water, chances for bacteria growth are very rare. It results in low maintenance and long-lasting equipment life. However, depending on the size, some units only serve one faucet at a time. Also, tankless water heater installations typically cost more than conventional storage systems.

Gas-Fired Water Heaters

Heating water with gas is one of the most cost-efficient methods. Gas-fired water heaters remain a top choice with consumers seeking longevity and reliability. These types of water heaters allow you to have 50-75 gallons of hot water ready at your demand. They keep your energy cost lower than electric water heaters.

Oil-Fired Water Heaters

Oil-fired water heaters are long-lasting and reliable, and they offer the quickest water reheating of any tank system available. However, maintenance fees and operating costs will be higher than gas-fired units.

Electric Water Heaters 

Electric water heaters serve as the best alternative to natural gas. These kinds of water heaters are a clean and cost-effective solution. They supply an endless amount of hot water at your convenience. These units provide the least expensive purchasing option; however, the operating costs are a little higher compared to other tank systems.

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Home Heating Oil

Our Full-Service Plan includes scheduled oil deliveries and annual servicing of your furnace or boiler.

Natural Gas Units

We can install, repair and provide maintenance for forced air natural gas furnaces and gas fired boilers.

Oil-Fired Units

Modern oil furnaces are smaller, quieter and far more energy efficient than their predecessors.