It’s the dead of winter and your furnace goes out. You may think you have to replace the whole thing, but some professional repairs may do the trick, saving you money. Brave those cold winter nights with a furnace you can rely on to not breakdown by having it repaired by Victoria Coal & Heating Ltd. We provide professional furnace repair in Victoria and the surrounding areas. Our service not only fixes issues that could result in your heating system failing, but we also check the filter and inspect the furnace for possible cracks or corrosion. By completing these small repairs and inspections, Victoria Coal & Heating Ltd can make sure your furnace will run at peak efficiency. If you find that your furnace is beyond repair, we also offer new furnace installation.

Why Choose Victoria Coal & Heating for Furnace Repair in Victoria?

Furnaces are complicated and not easy to repair or install. Hiring Victoria Coal & Heating Ltd for your furnace repair in Victoria and the surrounding areas guarantees a professional job every time. We have been in the heating business since 1922 and have gained decades of knowledge in how to best repair furnaces and other heating units like boilers and water heaters. We are one of the oldest heating companies in the area and are familiar with all types of furnaces including gasoil, and electric. This allows us to easily adapt to your repair needs no matter what your furnace runs on. As a family owned and operated business, Victoria Coal & Heating Ltd promises a customized service in order to build a lasting business-client relationship. Lastly, if your furnace repair should take additional time to complete, we provide temporary heaters for your home.

Heat Your Home with the Method That Works Best for You

Victoria Coal & Heating Ltd specializes in a variety of heating types including:

Natural gasWe can install natural gas furnaces that can heat your home quickly, almost twice as fast as electric furnaces. Our natural gas furnaces are safe and energy efficient.

OilAs one of the most efficient ways to heat your home, oil furnaces can save you money on your energy bills. They are affordable and heat quickly and evenly.

For a more maintenance free furnace, try electric. It runs quietly and is environmentally friendly with no need for an exhaust system.

Water heaters
We are familiar with various water heaters like tankless gas fired, gas fired, oil fired, and electric models.

Schedule Routine Maintenance for Your Furnace

Talk to the friendly furnace technicians at Victoria Coal & Heating Ltd today for your repair and installation services. We can also provide routine maintenance for your furnace to ensure it works when you need it. Contact Victoria Coal & Heating Ltd and book an appointment or set up a maintenance schedule.

Home Heating Oil

Our Full-Service Plan includes scheduled oil deliveries and annual servicing of your furnace or boiler.

Natural Gas Units

We can install, repair and provide maintenance for forced air natural gas furnaces and gas fired boilers.

Oil-Fired Units

Modern oil furnaces are smaller, quieter and far more energy efficient than their predecessors.