In situations where it isn’t possible to use natural gas, oil, or wood heating in your home, electric heaters are the best alternative. At Victoria Coal & Heating Ltd, we specialize in designing and installing electric heaters throughout Victoria. We design the most efficient electric heaters for you while keeping in mind the number of people in your home.


If your present heating system is too expensive or in poor condition, you can consider our electric heating options. We ensure that our equipment lasts longer and provides you with a comfortable environment while helping you save money.

Electric Heater Repairs and Replacements in Victoria

Unfortunately, electric heaters usually fail when you least expect them to. That’s why we are available ’round-the-clock for emergencies. We have the expertise to handle any type of heating units in a hassle-free manner. When it comes to electric heater repair and replacement, we will never leave you in the cold!

Speciality of Our Electric Furnace Units:

 Very quiet

 Environmentally friendly
 No exhaust system required
 Less maintenance than other types

At Victoria Coal & Heating, we also offer electric boiler heating systems. To learn more about our wide range of electric heaters, give us a call today!

Home Heating Oil

Our Full-Service Plan includes scheduled oil deliveries and annual servicing of your furnace or boiler.

Natural Gas Units

We can install, repair and provide maintenance for forced air natural gas furnaces and gas fired boilers.

Oil-Fired Units

Modern oil furnaces are smaller, quieter and far more energy efficient than their predecessors.